Crole River was a musical partnership between Alexandra Fessenko and Charles Dermer, resulting in the Crole River album of 16 songs of American music composed by Charles Dermer, performed by Charles Dermer (guitar), Nathan Kawaller (bass), Larry Ferguson (percussion), and sung by Lydia Salnikova, Erik Kovatch, and Alexandra Fessenko.  

1. Love Song
2. Guaymas Night
3. Five Long Days
4. First Time I Saw You
5. He Said to Me
6. Free as a Bird
7. Hard Dirt Trail
8. I Paved the Path
9. He is My God
10. Goin’ to the Mardi Gras
11. God, What Have You Done?
12. Water’s Gonna Rise
13. I’m Yours
14. Cross to Bear
15. Time to Go
16. Ballad of Annie and Eddie
    Bonus Track: He is My God in Russian
       Он мой Господь

Crole River is not a performing group; it is the music itself.

The Crole River groove is built upon classic vocals over guitar, with songs in the American folk, country and blues tradition.

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What is new today is old tomorrow and forgotten the day after, but music reaches for the timeless. 

Events: May Day album release.

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The sound is American rooted in folk, country, and blues with emphasis on melody, harmony, and lyrics. A variety of styles are used to musically explore the emotions of love and loss: ballad, rock, pop, Christian, Latin, blues, country, and an occasional dollop of jazz.

The vocals are performed by classically trained Russian singers, giving the music its unique flavor.

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